Knoxville Kids Drama Classes


The Most Magical Drama Classes in Knoxville.

Classes are Held in our Kingdom Castle Space. Learn to Act and Perform Almost Anything!

Are you searching for the perfect acting classes in Knoxville, TN? Look no further! Our Knoxville drama workshops are designed to cater to enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking for beginner acting classes near you or an experienced performer seeking advanced drama workshops, we have something special for you. Classes are for 8 years an older. Kids, Teens, and Adults are welcome!

Beginner Workshop | $89 Total – 4 Week Workshop

Classes on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM – Our Next Beginner Workshop Begins June 7th | $89 Total – 4 Week Workshop

Each Class is 1 Hour from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Wednesday afternoons. Beginners receive a script and prop to get started!

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Why Drama?

Whether you want to pursue acting as a career or you just want to have fun expressing yourself in new ways, drama classes provide limitless opportunities!
Imagine being able to confidently perform on stage, develop unique characters, collaborate with other creative minds, and discover your inner storyteller. The possibilities are endless!

What Will You Learn?

  1. Basics First: We start with the very basics – understanding stage presence, voice projection, body language, and basic acting techniques.
  2. Building Skills: We’ll cover more advanced acting methods, character development, and how to interpret scripts.
  3. Project Work: You’ll have the chance to work on exciting projects like performing monologues, participating in improv games, and collaborating on short scenes!
  4. Creativity Unleashed: As you grow more comfortable, we’ll explore how to create your own characters and even write your own scripts.
  5. Community and Sharing: Our classes are not just about learning but sharing ideas with each other. You’ll join a community of fellow drama enthusiasts, where you can share tips and inspiration.

Discover Acting Classes in Knoxville, TN: Your Gateway to Creative Expression

Whether you are looking for beginner drama lessons in Knoxville or advanced acting techniques, don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a performing arts community that’s as supportive and exciting as the characters you’ll bring to life. Sign up for our Knoxville acting classes today and start writing your own unique story!

Drama Club Workshops

Beginner Workshop | $89 Total – 4 Week Workshop

Each Class is 1 Hour. Beginners receive a script and prop to get started!

Advanced Workshop | $89 Total – 4 Week Workshop

Each class is 1 Hour and we cover exciting new acting techniques and scenes each week!
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