Kids Yoga Classes in Knoxville

Yoga Classes for Kids

The Most Magical Yoga Classes in Knoxville. Stretch, Play, and Grow with Us!

Classes are Held in our Kingdom Castle Space. 

Embark on a magical journey of health and happiness with our Children’s Yoga Classes, specially designed for young yogis aged 5 through 12! Led by the talented and experienced Ms. Evie, each class is a blend of fun, fitness, and imagination.

A Unique Yoga Adventure:

For Ages 5-12:

  • Our classes are perfect for children aged 5 to 12, offering a nurturing and supportive environment for kids of all skill levels.
  • Each hour-long session includes 40 minutes of engaging yoga designed to teach kids flexibility, balance, and strength in a fun and accessible way.
  • 20 Minutes of Free Play: After yoga, kids get to enjoy 20 minutes of free play in our Kingdom Castle play space, a perfect way to stimulate their imagination and social skills.

Why Are Children’s Yoga Classes so Beneficial?

Holistic Development: We focus on the overall development of your child, blending physical activity with mindfulness and relaxation.
Positive and Patient Instruction: Evie’s expertise in various forms of movement arts makes each class a unique experience, which helps kiddos foster a love for yoga and physical activity.
Safe and Fun Environment: Our Kingdom Castle space is not only beautiful and magical, it is also a safe, fun, and imaginative area where children can explore and express themselves.

Meet Evie: Your Guide to Yoga and Fun!

Evie brings a treasure trove of experience in yoga, gymnastics, dance, and movement classes. She’s not just a teacher but a guide who will lead your little ones through a world of playful poses and mindful movements, ensuring they learn, grow, and have loads of fun

Join the Fun in Knoxville!

If you are looking for children’s yoga classes in the Knoxville area, then you have found the perfect place! Our classes are not just about yoga; they are about nurturing your child’s imagination, health, and happiness. Sign up today and watch your little ones thrive in a world of yoga and play!

Classes for Ages 5 – 12:  $89 Per Month – 1 Class Per Week

Each Class is 1 Hour.

Ready to get moving? Click on the link below to contact us and learning more about our dates and times. Let’s stretch, play, and grow together!

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